Wood chipboards

Wood chipboards have become the quintessential manufacturing element of all types of interior furniture. Wood agglomerates are made with chips and chips to which glue and thermosetting resins are added. 

Due to the ease and availability in terms of wood type, wood chipboards are a fairly inexpensive option and that is why they are very popular and common. 

Although they have disadvantages such as lack of waterproofing and their weakness compared to other wood derivatives, wood chipboards offer a fairly good quality in relation to their cost. The logging solutions of our company include the sale of wood chipboards. With the aim of adapting to the needs of all sectors of the field, we have a varied repertoire of wood chipboards that have different compositions, materials, additives that give them special properties to meet the demands of our customers.

Whether you need wood chipboards with above average moisture resistance or a higher degree of density, our selection of wood chipboards allows you to achieve the desired results.

We have standard uncoated wood chipboards in case the client wants to do it on their own, but we also have laminated or melamine chipboards in case you are interested in finished solutions that can meet aesthetic criteria. 

On the other hand, our wood chipboards are designed to contribute to the environment, as a result, we choose recyclable wood and the product itself can also be recycled. 

Our line of wood chipboards is one of the most outstanding and of the best quality, thanks to these characteristics, our clients guarantee and support our trajectory of more than 25 years of experience in the wood industry.

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+56 2 2547 6400
+56 9 4020 9466
+56 9 6168 5932
+56 9 6839 2875



Cerro Portezuelo 9816, Quilicura, Región Metropolitana, Santiago de Chile.​

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